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Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1: Cash Payment
Payment must be made within 30 days.
Option 2: 10 - 90 (12 Months)
10% Down Payment payable for 12 months
90% Balance through Bank or Pag-ibig Financing

There is little doubt that living in a village with the qualities that Parksville Residences has can offer any Filipino a lavish and comfortable lifestyle, and the fact that the homes are very reasonably priced means that many Filipinos will be able to take advantage of the village and improve not only their lifestyle, but the lifestyles of their family members also.

With work, schools and shops all within easy reach and even a hospital for emergencies, no family member has to suffer the stress of long commutes either during the week or at weekends, providing a lifestyle more relaxed and convenient. No long hours spent travelling also means that the family has more time to spend together, or for individual recreational pursuits, improving the lifestyles still further.

Perhaps the best asset for any resident though is the home itself. In the Philippines, as with most other countries, housing values are always increasing but as Cavite is the Philippines fastest growing province, property prices are increasing at rates faster than anywhere else. This means that owners of a home in Parksville Residences should see sharp increases in their property’s value within just a relatively short time and so buying one of the homes in Parksville Residences is an investment financially, as well as an investment in the well-being and lifestyle of their family.

The type of tourism which Cavite offers is also not the type which is temporary and so increases in facilities for tourism will be continuous and as residents will be in easy access to those facilities, their options for recreation and entertainment will keep increasing also, providing for an even better future than the present offers.

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